Piko’s Pretty Faery Story

The Faery queen said:

Write me something light and fluffy,
golden like a chick.
Write me something bright and funny,
like a rainbow candy stick.

The Puck replied:

Write you something candy floss;
Write you something on the way-
Write you something dental floss;
Wanting you to come and say!

‘Write me something not so deadly,
Write me something of the wind-
Write me something calm and sadly-
Write me something pop and mint…’

And the Bard smiled:

Sing to me a song,
A soothing lullaby,
Make me feel like I belong,
As the night goes by & by

The Puck winked:

I will sing you a song-
A lullaby of night!
I will sing you the craziness-
Of heavenly delight!

Oh, old Bard:

And the stars will shine bright,
The moonbeams light your dance,
Twinkling in delight,
As you twirl & swirl & prance…

Tiny Puck:

And the rainbow is a highway,
And the moonbeam is a song.
The elves have come to stay-
Nothing can go wrong…

Faery chimed in:

The pot of gold is virgin yet,
Crowned by the silver leaves.
Washed in moonlight,touched with love-
Protected by the breeze..

The Bard replied:

So let the fires roar,
Turn the music high,
Come lady, Do soar,
On santa’s sleigh come fly…

Faery smiled:

Red and gold and green and white
Hogwarts spirit mixed tonight
A glass of eggnog here and there
Gingerbread and pumpkin pie


The leaves of  silver horses run;
Her hooves a special golden rong-
Of similes, smiles and silly puns,
and long forgotten elvish songs…


A pointed ear around a hedge-
A flat-foot goblin smiles in haste;
Secretly pulling on wings of silk-
A gift from the midnight weaver’s nest…

The Bard:

Tippity tappity, Twirl & whirl,
Weaving dreams in santa’s layer,
Dance oh lady, shake those curls,
This is the time for answers to prayers…


The pot of gold in castle black;
Dark Dark woods with centaur names;
Passing is a deadly task-
Ruling just a friendly game!

The Bard:

But oh lady, you need not fear,
Friends await, do come near,
Goofy in valour, oh so dear,
Your prince charming, he too’s here…


A ball that smells of cut-grass fresh
And songs hummed forever tuneless-
crystal gifts that sparkle so,
the dancer dazzles the falling snow…

The Bard:

The moonlight shines,
Tonight so pure,
Sing the lines,
Feel their allure


Satin capes of pure azure-
Sun-kissed curls that fall in whorls.
An apple blush, a cherry smile-
The coquetry and guile of yore..


Come on rumpel, come to us!
Let me sing you fear’s old song.
Come on rumpel not a fuss!
Come and then nothing is wrong…

The Bard:

For granny’s here,
With the cake,
Come oh dear,
Sit by the lake…


A salad garden fresh and green,
A riding cape so bold and red,
A dancing slipper, fragile and blue,
The first kiss, a love that’s true.

The Bard:

A love so true,
A passion pure,
Vibrant hue,
Peaceful azure


A wolf whistling fervently;
An Ivan, on his daily grind!
Baba yaga instantly,
Erases all of his mind!


Houses of cake and poison fruit.
Made pure by that love so true,
A friend on four, and a friend on two-
Legs matter not in true love’s brew


Dwarves and elves and unicorn,
Rainbow, snow and lovely dawn-
Mermaid with her lovely moon,
Princess on her javelin run…


Shakya with a raven head;
Debdip with a mighty tread;
Piko with her long-lost brain-
Write this fable for no gain.

Debdip, the bard:

Come ye one, and come ye all,
Come tonight, and sing a song,
Come along, come dance this ball,
Make this night so warm & long…

Shakya, the Puck:

This a poem for one and all-
Join in all ye, don’t be shy!
All ye dead, move off the pall!
Don’t lie dead and wonder why…

Piko, the Faery queen:

Make new room for friendships new;
Stories, dreams and hopes renewed-
Clear a space for hugs and love,
For chocolate cakes and apple tarts!

-Upasruti Biswas, Debdip Maitra, Shakya Bose



  1. pikopie · December 2, 2014

    Woaah. Looks so naaiceer.


  2. Debdip Maitra · December 2, 2014

    Yeeeehaaaw!!! :3


  3. leenleen · January 4, 2015

    gee, this be sow suhweet! :))


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