Decadence and Desire

I like a melting ice cream…
Vanilla and chocolate running in streams
The goose bumps on my tongue-
And the warm aroma enthralling my lung!
Drops sliding down my fingers…
The runaway moans, as on them my tongue lingers.
A bite, small and sharp, begins…

In face of such beauty, patience wears thin

The tastes ruin the perfect sunshine…

Of seas, beaches and sun, and acid smell of brine…
Forgetting the remembered, leaving all that was mine?
Down this road I go, forgetting scripted lines.
My taste buds are lost, in memorial vines…

Of smug evenings spent, with a glass of vintage wine.
The chocochip’s crunch, sends a delightful shiver
The sand, on my hand, is asleep with a fever
The warm smell of cocoa, and the cold winter breeze
My ice melts away, my lonesome increase…
And the warmth seeps in, colouring me in love
The spark of the sun, from heavens above…
And all around me, the world bursts in colour

Ignited thus far, in hellish blue valour..

Purging the heat of love, out of me, unseem

And the gooey chocolate sauce, fueling fiery dreams

I will swim on the juices of sinful delight…
As my cravings, take off in flight
There’s blood in the chocolate and love in the ice.
And at the perfume’s fragrance, the whole city cries
The melting chocolate of vaguely veiled vice…
The waves of sensations, sanity’s circuit it fries
I am never sure, why I float in despair
Thus on this wintry morn, Iay my whims bare
I will worry for that ice cream that dances in the juice…
Whirling, swirling, twirling, as my whole world comes loose

When the bell tolls for my sinful desire…
She walks down the road, setting the very ice to fire…
She melts it today, my beloved ice cream…

my sinful desire; let’s meet in my dream…   – Shakya Bose, Debdip Maitra


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