It’s not about that,
But something else.
Something you don’t know;
Something deeper, yet not quite;
Something closer than you think;
Something right under that beautiful nose ring:
Something above your imperfect lips;
Something on your freckled cheeks;
Something under your shy belly button;
Something just beside your smelly genitals;
And in the retreat of your hair.

It’s there in your sanctuaried dreams;
It’s In your secret loves of men and women;
And of things, known and unknown..
Its hidden in your messy room;
In your solitary tears for the innocent death-
And in your ignorance of guilt;
It’s in your acceptance of reality;
In your yearn for a better;
It’s in your hope for a light,
During a worldwide power cut!

It’s in your smelly armpits;
It’s in your messy habits;
It’s in your naked truths;
And your veiled beliefs
It’s in your nightly masturbations;
It’s in your real dreams-
The wet and the sweet;
It’s in your fetishes and perversions;
But also in your passions;
It’s in your unacknowledged beauty-
And your hideous humanity;
It’s in your forsaken family;
And your adored alone

It’s in the mirror,

And your stolen heart….

-Shakya Bose


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