Love in The Time of Stars

Star filled nights, convulsed streams of time,
Soft twilight, and memories that chime,
Adventure beckons, that flighty temptress,
A cold wind blows, unearthing tempests…

And on I walk, as the sands shift beneath,
Feeling sighs repressed, as the cosmos breathes,
Reality fades, as the shadows warp & blur,
The edges of the memories, time does deburr…

The stars and the moon are all lovers, lost…
My loneliness will be love’s labour cost
And on I trample, the paradigm shifts,
And the heart pumps on, as time warps & rifts…

I walk and run amidst cosmic debris!
I walk towards light, I walk on to see….
The rise of empires, and the subsequent fall,
And amidst the chaos, I see love stand tall…

The bricks are of kisses, and the mortar of love-
A building of blessings stolen from above!
And the stardust shines, in the moonlit sky,
Moments of tranquility, as galaxies rush by…

Subliminal me in a maximilian sky-
Of questions unwanted and unanswered whys…
Of insomniac nights, as the questions toss & turn,
And I burn on, as the pyres of passion burn…

And I soar and I fly and I fly and I soar-
With the space and the dark not worrying anymore!.
And I fly, through the tunnels silent,
On I fly, in search of a dawn so vibrant….

When I find it someday, I will tell you the tale-
A tale to discover, a tale to regale!
Till then I’ll fly, fly on into the night,
And in the darkest moment, my love will burn bright…..

-Debdip Maitra (with intermittent interruptions by one Shakya Bose)


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