And I watch you walk away…..

And then, just in the moment before the skies opened up and started pouring,

I saw the black of your kohl lined eyes spill down your cheeks…..

And then you turned back, and were running away in anger.

Running away, just as the first fat drops of rain fell on my glasses,

and then all at once it was a torrent of downpour…..

Rain falling in deluges, lightning rent the dark skies apart as within me a gale raged on….

A veritable inferno of emotions raging and ranting and swirling inside,

finding no words to give them form…

And down I fell onto my knees,

urging the cold steel droplets to rip apart the mask of flesh off our skin…..

Rip it off, so all your pain could look me straight in the eye,

and my eyes could let them know just how much you are loved…….

And so, I fall, onto my knees on the tarmac,

my silent screams drowning in the boom of thunder, as I watch you walk away…..

Waiting for you to turn back, just once, every fibre of my being calling out to you to stop,

wanting to run to you, and hold your sob convulsed body close and whisper away all your tears, but you don’t hear……

And I watch you walk away…………….

– Debdip Maitra


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