The Coup de le bard

And by the moonlight,

I sat down and sang,

Sang, of the memories tonight,

Piercing the silence, my voice rang…

I sang with the skylark of long-lost ones,

I cooed with the quail to rejoice new love!

In dripping moonlight and silence loud,

I laughed again in hope profound!

The roses they bloomed, in joyous exultance,

And the stars twinkled bright as if cleaned afresh,

And even nature seemed coloured with regal exuberance,

Blushing like a maiden, wearing her favourite dress!

Awaiting silence, the warmth of the night?

Still cold, star fire burning bright?

But the sparks in the distance, the faint night-lights?

The shy marble angel, her face she hides?

Awaiting her knight, in gleaming armour bright…

A stallion, with dancing eyes, bringing her lover home tonight!

The lonely moon’s mirror the sparkling waters…

She guides the lovers back home tonight!

The princess’ eyes drooping, a closing shop’s shutters,

She dreams of unicorns, and a thousand rainbow lights.

And flowing night atop her head, gentle sunshine love-breathed face

Gowns of pristine white, collars lined with lace

Her lips the colour of blushing rose, the allure of her charming grace

Taught in early green-peahood, gliding, smiling forgetting haste…

Sun-kissed cheeks glowing, she ran about in haste!!

And her tinkling laughter echoes, through the deep forest!

Trilling her shy melody that pleased one best…

Yet quiet she was in confidence

And fire-heart when needed most

And the whole kingdom raised her a toast

But no one knew what calamity brewed

Her story stood still, the bard eschewed!

And all ’round the people clamoured

Treat the bard, of who is he enamoured?

Was it the shy kitchen girl, oh so outrageous,

Or the lovely serving maid, though some said preposterous…

But then the bard sang, his heart’s greatest song,

Off with the princess, he ran far along.

And in the deep forests, their faeryland they set,

The mead was ever flowing, the story’s here complete…

– Debdip Maitra, Antarleena Saha, Upasruti Biswas


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