In Tune

Shakya Bose  I am pretty sure mid night drinks my blood and makes me high… but I am so fucking happy to not be alone when I want to be alone, and yet feel alone, as if spending time with myself… you, for the lack of a better image, are part of my skin…

Upasruti Biswas  One of the most awe-inspiring and joy giving things I’ve read…

Shakya Bose no wonder people think we are lovers… we ARE! just not in a way people will understand!

Shakya Bose and liking my own quotes…. i should go and sleep…

Upasruti Biswas Because people only ever look for love in the conventional ways, in a rose and a kiss but not in the clasped hands quivering in laughter, and in conventional places like the heart, but not the soul, from where love itself is made..

Upasruti Biswas I think the right word is – attuned. I’m “in tune” with you.

Shakya Bose so in tune that i can hear your thoughts like the machinery in a slot machine? and i never have to wait for it to hit jackpot!

Upasruti Biswas So in tune that I can hear you even in writing, and off-key notes make me frown, when they play on your face..

Shakya Bose so in tune that i anticipate your mistakes, because they are mine and not mistakes at all; and your silence is the gateway to the frown that is me…

Upasruti Biswas so in tune, that a piece of life seen out of the corner of your eye, makes me giggle in wonder, a whisper of unease in the air is mine and yours, mingled at an eyelash fall of either…

Upasruti Biswas Incidentally, one of my top 10 favourite lines is the one you just wrote. Ei prithibi te ki shobai amar theke bhalo lekhey?  gajor rao jaadu kaali te bhorti aajkal.

Shakya Bose so in tune that we can never figure out why the other likes the letters of their brain, when the words are the same only written from left to write, to be read from right to left… ^ this, i think, is the problem!

Upasruti Biswas And also why, the moment a thought unfurls a bud in one’s head, the thought has already blossomed full in the other… ^etao chaap!

Shakya Bose the flowers were never meant to be tamed… the heads are just the branches, isn’t the fall that really matters?

Upasruti Biswas But the fall could have been fatal, petals scattered in the wind, yet they all came back home to grow up from the same old place…coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Shakya Bose coincidences are the second best inventions of life… because coincidentally, it ends.. May friendships remain sunset golden, long past twilight.

– Shakya Bose, Upasruti Biswas


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