Good Things

Wind in hair. Licking cake bowls. Singing out loud. Crying out loud. Reading new stories. Rereading old stories. Dancing, lots of dancing to those ridiculous tracks from the seventies and eighties. Pink nail paint on toes. The colour yellow. Cold coffee with ice cream. Hot coffee with sunshine. A favourite poem. A favourite song on the radio. Sleeping like a baby. A nice dream.

The last bit of Nutella on the butter knife. Letting balloons go. Warmth of your pet. Smell of old books. Libraries. The smell of new books. That sacred, unbroken spine. Cool drinks on hot days. Hot drinks on cold days. Winter. Woollen clothes. The soft comfort of blankets. Rain on roof. Rain dripping off your umbrella. The sea. The sand crunching under your feet. Breathing in. Breathing out.

Mountains. The cool wind in your face. The green, The blue. Singing along to oldies rock. When your favourite artist drops a new album. Smell of freshly baked bread. A new nail paint. A new friend. A new dress. Old paint. An old friend. Old pyjamas. Goosebumps. A bird song. Wagging tails. And puppy eyes.

Gelatos. Ice cones. And cakes. Long drives. An unexpected call. A hopelessly expected call. A happy movie. A sad movie. Freshly washed jeans. Whispered words. Hushed giggles. A rainy day. A sunny day. An in-between day. Standing ankle deep in a stream. Swirling skirts. The colour red. On lips. Nails. And feet.

Marshmallows. Caramel. And toffee. A Fitzgerald novel. Dragons and elves. Faraway lands and Fairies. Believing in magic. And miracles. Grass tickling bare feet. Long walks. Long talks. Long hair. Sunsets and sunrises. Old pictures. Old memories. Yellowed papers. An heirloom. A box full of nostalgia. Love. And being loved.

Fireworks. Autumn. When the goddess descends for those three days. All the lights. Tram sounds in the dawn. Madrugada-when night meets the day. A soft purr. Hiding in the crook of his neck. Hearing the heartbeats. Sparrows fighting. When the cloud has a silver lining. And sometimes when it’s tinted a crazy orange. When the eyeliner is perfect. Long sleeves on a sweater. Flowers in your hair. A tentative kiss. Twinkle in those eyes. Twinkling diamonds in the sky. Finding beauty in life…

– Sabarna Sarkar


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