Afternoon Ramblings of A Poet

Afternoon nostalgias gathered on the storm clouds over the horizon…

The burnt rays of the sun painting the skies a colour of turmoil as I let the cool breeze wash over my senses,

The swinging pendulum of the mind trying to encapsulate a thousand different thoughts,

A thousand different memories of a thousand different lives that could have been,

Myriad colours of myriad images of memories flashing before my eyes as I stand still,

Taking a deep breath to calm the turmoil within…

An unknown pain fills my heart tonight,

A longing,

For homes never had,

And places never visited.

Faint rustlings of wanderlust,

Echoing deep within my very bones,

An urge to take wings,

To leave it all behind,

In a quest for something more…

A nameless face haunts me,

Like a faint perfume,

Pervading my senses…

A fire burning in my soul,

A tremulous desire for closeness mingles with the delicious intangibility of my emotions….

And the cool breeze blows on,

As the knot ebbs and flows by turns,

A fervent desire,

to write you into my forever burns high,

As I burst into a song.

Letting the melifluous notes unravel my heart,

As yet another day slips into the oblivion of night…..

– Debdip Maitra


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