I just want to be petty for once.

Turn around and spin you around

and clutch away your time.

Each second your eyes shine silver

and glisten, lustful under the

parasols of those time-grown lashes,

I want to claw them out. The

time you give the mirror, is mine. Your

breaths, your words, they are

mine. Your hands with sweat softened,

swollen fingers, the time they

spend patting the flyaway hair in place,

each minute each second my

heart beats in yellow bruised bile resurgence,

my ribs constricting in their own

spineless reptilian imitations. Petty, I know. I don’t

want much else. Throw away your

combs, throw them out of Rapunzel’s tower, and hide

your manners in the households

governed by ivy, convened in sun-cracked stone. Just

give me your time, your words

and intent. Give me your patience and hours and seconds.

Give her your heart and gift him

your love. Just throw me your stopped watch today.

– Her


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