How to hate everything in life

It is just so very easy

As one two and three,

But you have always hated similes,

And missing commas where there are needs,

Grammatical mistakes come from bad seeds!

And genes don’t really grow on those trees.

And, of course, you hate genetics too,

Your daddy’s mistakes will now be you.

Oh come, oh come, get down on your knees…

But you hate teachers, and punished little kids!

An anal fixation is all that he needs.

To hell with correct political policies!

Now that you say that, it reminds me now:

Oh my God, i hate repetition, wow!

Remember to mention your hatred of bees.

And honey, hate honey and everything sweet!

Except when all that is coated on meat;

But meat is good only when not paid in fees.

Do you know what bugs me in reality most?

Titles that always have fake things to boast…

-The one who hates everything


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