A thousand years in a hotel room

Of those times when you are not there, I have felt very little.
I don’t believe in time.
Time is like a myth that refuses to fade,
A nuisance.
It’s not like a railway track; not an example of a ray
learnt all the way back in grade school.
It’s not movement,
it doesn’t move with you and me.
When you read this, time hasn’t moved.
Time stays still,
like waves in a glacier.
It has been days without you,
and time has been still,
a broken clock,
ticking away at all the wrong places.
Meet me on the bed,
so that we can make love on its edge,
and have time melt on us.
and all our frozen time, shall be lost in a heart beat.
Won’t that be worth it?
– Shakya

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