– Years have gone by and I haven’t written a good poem…
– What is a good poem?
– What is it? A good poem is one that transcends age.
– A poem that transcends age is an accident…
– Is it?
           – After all, what people remember is just as accidental as what they forget.
– It is not easy to forget.
– Is it easier to remember?
– What do people remember?
– What hurts, what tortures, what burns, what rips; what eatsandshitsandcutsandbleeds!
People remember the bad things.
– Just the bad?
– Perhaps not.
                          But just the good?
– Perhaps not.
– Why remember? Why be remembered?
                                                                             A need?
– A want.
– Desire?
– Expectation.
– And here I thought…
                                          – I didn’t expect?
– You didn’t expect. Do you want success?
– Yes!
                    – No?
– Yes, and no…
– What do you want?
– A poem. A good poem, A great poem…. A poem. Worth the ages.
– Is that a good poem, Just the adoration of the ages?
– What else then? What else can it be?
– Just being.
                     Be a poem, will you? Complete; Talkative, or silent. Or both. At different point, or the same. Be a poem, will you? Flawed; incomprehensible; moving.
– Pointless.
– Yes,
                                           Yes! Pointless.
                                                                      You are a poem; not you. Not engaged in imperial war against yourself, not bruising your feet to success. You are not the divisions of time, a story arc, a crescendo, a circle being drawn. You are a poem. You were completed.
                                                                                                                                                  Long, Long before you were born.
– Shakya

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