The Lizard People

I had a dream last night;
In a metro, full of dull people.
All looking away from each other,
A strong scent of fear,
pervading the air.
The sound of movement, monotonous:
I close my eyes, momentarily,
and open them to lizards.
Not like cheap jump scares,
But a waking from a dream.
Their eyes like green embers,
still looking away.
The shirts hanging loose
on leathery skins.
Tongues slipping in and out,
wetting lips that aren’t there.
“A strong scent of fear…”
They never noticed me…


And then I woke up;
Bed wet-
Cold sweat and piss…
Heart beats hanging by a thread.


Later that day, I found myself (as if in a dream, but less real)
In a metro, full of dull people,
Avoidant, with averted eyes,
A stench of something in the air,
making me afraid.
The monotonous, monologue of the metro;
My eyes closed on their own (alone)
and opened to lizards.
No shock in the scene
Just a calm revelation. (The truth.)
Their eyes, the colour of hate fire
still avoidant, (averted; away.)
Clothes hugging leathery skin
stuck on scaly torsos (visible).
Tongues vibrated, slipping out;
Wetting imaginary lips.
“A stench of something in the air” (cannot, quite; finger).
They (still) never noticed me….


(Image doesn’t belong to me)


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