A short film Of love




We open on this long hallway where everything is blue and so very blue
I am tired of adjectives but blue is never anything else
There are voices along the walls, whispering
I can tell that your hand is shaking as if the chilly air outside is touching you
Our camera moves along, steady and unimpressed
Steady-cams shining along blue floors
and doors
and so much more
What you don’t see won’t hurt you

A slow dissolve



All of us stand in the sun looking surprised
We are here where we weren’t before
The camera is blind
and then there is light
and all you see is my voice
and the little strings of heartbeat in black along the sun’s surface
Someone is waiting for you




It is a handheld shot
But held steady
as lovers hold lovers
as you hold your songs
The only movement is the distance
growing near
Coming close
Painfully slow
as most pain is
So slow, that you don’t see it move
but only the distance grows closer
How real are films
How real are scripts
The distance grows closer
and into focus

And just when




A monologue


Whatever you want to say
you say and say and say
and stop right before the end
Love is so strange and painful
But what isn’t
Come sit with me
And try to think that I am here with you
All your little hairs falling over me
On this very black night
with little stars
And all your insecurities
Who are you talking to
Is it me or is it you
Who is speaking
Me or you
Whose face do I imagine falling over mine
And who am I

So many questions you have written for me
But all I want to do is breathe
Breathe heavy and wet over your lenses
like I used to on your genitals all those days ago
and saw you quiver
What queer words we live through
Make me stop
I talk too much

Fade to black


The end