Looks for firewhiskey…. and someone better than it..
Looks for a library to spend the night in, and a haven safer than it.
Looks for broomstick to fly on, and a dragon to fly away from.
Looks for a memory, and a chance bit of good luck,
Looks for a Sickle, a Knut and a buck.
Looks for a club with people like you…
Looks to make memories of happiness, and the tears few..
Looks for a love so potent and fine…
Looks for a chance snitch-carved line..
Looks for a kiss of metal and cold…
Looks for some things, cherished and old..
looks for a solace, in times of turmoil…
In the arms of friends, on his own home soil..
The distance is long and the struggles are true….
The runes confused like encoded Hebrew
The memories of nights and the kingdom of days…
Will remain with us forever,
….. always
– Shakya Bose, Upasruti Biswas

One comment

  1. muchsoundandfury · December 1, 2014

    Beautiful.. :’)


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